Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO, site optimization? It is very important that a website is found by search engines, they can be ways of caring for most people looking for care information. Who wouldn’t want your site to be on Google first? WE HAVE ACHIEVED THIS, FOR OUR CUSTOMERS! Good site optimization (SEO) means that your site is placed among the first, search in Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex. On average, 85% of its website traffic was from search engines. A good position leads to an increase in the number of visitors interested in the services and they can see you, if you decide, the increase in sales are. , will become customers of companies that are consistent with us, better positioned in search engines..

  • Site content optimization, images and other types of files
  • Metatag optimization (title, keywords and description)​
  • Calculating keyword density on each page
  • Keyword research
  • HTML code optimization
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